How Can Small Businesses Benefit from CRM?

We offer critical features that a business needs; this includes leads, deals, contact management, tasks and events, payments, and more! The best part is having a customized management system according to your business requirement.

Lead Generation CRM

Easy to Use, Flexible & Powerful. Supports millions of members.

Client Project Management Made Easy

Unique and powerful suite of software to run your entire business!

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Property Management

Increase sales with end-to-end sales execution


Sell packages, engage & manage your prospects


Simpler, easier and and mobilize communication


One-stop platform for admission management


Increase new policy sales & renewals


Transform sales across industries

Say Hello To Automation

Transform sales across all channels. Never miss a sales opportunity.

Without CRM

  • Salespeople are less productive because they are uncertain about what to do next.

  • Salespeople struggle to score leads and pursue right prospects.

  • Higher turnaround times reduce engagement and risk sales.

  • Managers are stuck with inefficient processes unless IT can come to their rescue.

With CRM

  • Salespeople sail smoothly every day and get the most done in less time.

  • Salespeople can work smarter, spending more time with the quality prospects.

  • Reduce turnaround times and empower your salespeople to connect quicker with prospects.

  • Sales and marketing managers can improve processes without touching a single line of code.

Here's Why Our Customers
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  • 4.5
60 verified reviews

“Their CRM portal is probably the easiest channel manager with the best user-friendly UI/UX at a reasonable price out there (and we confirm this after having done really serious evaluations). They have a highly responsive support, and they customized a functionality based on our requirement.

  • 4.5
60 verified reviews

Awesome solution to manage all your properties at one place. Very easy to use platform.

  • 4.5
60 verified reviews

Using CRM portal by Creative Design Crew I saved half of my time that I spent on maintaining different sheets for tracking my lead funnel. I highly suggest them if you’re looking forward to automate your lead generation process.

  • 4.5
60 verified reviews

Great customer service, reasonable prices :)

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